Who spread the bread.

Apart from bread, there are many more protagonists in Unterberger Bakery. People who see good bread and precious foodstuffs as their passion and are aware of their importance and value. People who ensure the very best finished products with their craftsmanship. People who greet others with a smile on their face. Together with our selected Austrian suppliers they all make sure that the philosophy of Unterberger Bakery touches visitors – just like the smell of freshly baked bread straight from the oven early morning.


Unterberger –

until 2017

Unterberger Bakery is established by Andreas Unterberger (the first of five bearing the name to date) in 1893 as a one-man business in the basement of the building, which still stands to this day in Maishofen. After baking he has to carry all the goods into the ground floor, where they are sold in a sparsely furnished salesroom. The chance to buy bread is essential for the people in this region predominantly shaped by agriculture, and secures the provision of basic supplies for many families. The bread is made from whatever grain that is available in the bracing climate region at the moment.

The bakery business can be maintained during both world wars. Despite the food shortage, Unterberger Bakery in Maishofen makes a significant contribution to supply the people in the country with grain and bread. It is thanks to the unbroken faith in a better future and the tireless diligence of the Unterberger family that the business can be expanded in the post-war periods, and things look up after the end of the war.

With the end of the war and the slow onset of tourism in the region, the business grows, too. The sharp business sense passed on from father to son ensures steady expansion. Unterberger Bakery is the first bakery to deliver bread and baked goods to nearby Glemm Valley. With the increase of guests in Saalbach, the demand for food also rises. Having hitched a ride on the milk car initially, the bakery soon has its own delivery fleet to supply the surrounding townships.

Over time, several additional branches are opened throughout Pinzgau in addition to the main branch and bakery in Maishofen. As the region develops into one of the best-known tourism areas in the Alps, the business also increasingly supplies hotels and restaurants, which remain an important source of income for many years to come. During core hours, Unterberger Bakery produces 70,000 bread rolls and 250 loaves of bread a day. Selected bestseller: the plaited loaf

A major fire in the headquarters in Maishofen presents Unterberger Bakery with a huge challenge. The horrific damage is catastrophic, fortunately no one is injured. The pioneering spirit of the Unterberger family once again comes to the fore – and so the building and the bakery with its salesroom are renovated from scratch. After months of hard work, business can resume again in the very same year.

Environmental disasters & the untiring efforts of Andreas Unterberger the 3rd Andreas Unterberger the 3rd manages Unterberger Bakery until 2017. People still talk to this very day of his untiring efforts and unconventional way of finding solutions. When a natural disaster hits Glemm Valley and the inhabitants are cut off from the outside world, he doesn’t hesitate travelling by helicopter into the narrow valley and personally ensuring that the supply of bread is not interrupted. His contacts include people from politics and national as well as international business leaders, as does royalty from across the world – and so it comes that one fine day he finds himself on the Spanish king’s boat, in order to bake his Royal Highness’ favourite bread.

Andreas the 5th takes over the business with the support of his parents from his grandfather Andreas. His work is also significantly shaped by a passion for the baker’s craft and he expands the product line by home-made ice cream and selected bread products. He takes on the challenges of current times and puts the focus on sustainability, regionality and quality. Craftsmanship, tradition and an open eye to the future are the foundation of his new projects.

Today the stores of Unterberger Bakery can be found in Maishofen, Saalfelden, Zell am See, Saalbach and Hinterglemm. Add to this the most recently opened cafés in Schüttdorf and in Maria Alm.

Why warm bread rolls also make you feel warm all over.

We love celebrating traditional baker’s craft and offering our customers fresh bread based on natural sourdough in oak barrels, bread rolls, small loaves and products from the very best raw materials, sourced exclusively from Austria to indulge in at home. And that for almost 130 years, and likely also for the next 130 years.

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We want to enrich people, and that also by way of culinary enjoyment. The basis for this is food of the best quality, which we prefer sourcing directly from the region. With this in focus, we not only share the same values with Unterberger Bakery, but also foster long-term cooperation. Our guests delight in the fresh and tasty baked goods on a daily basis. Professionalism and outstanding quality have won us over since many years.

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