Hard crust
Soft core.

True baker’s craft means to us: best products and good intuition. Fine hands that can also knead strongly. And also a good helping of patience, because good bread needs time. That’s why we leave the sourdough a few days’ time in the oak barrel to fully unfold. We use mainly spelt for baking. Among its characteristics that we appreciate the most is honesty. Spelt is merciless in drawing our attention to any errors. But when treated delicately and satisfactorily, it impresses with its empathy and good tolerability. And for the crispy crust? That is ensured by the hot stone oven!


From grain
to bread.

Step 1
Step 1
Step 1
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Step 4
Step 4

The choice of suitable grain.

We at Unterberger Bakery in Maishofen use mainly spelt. The exacting processing is rewarded with good tolerability. Our suppliers are carefully selected. We share grain and attitude.


The natural, in-house sourdough stored in oak barrels does its bit, and together with the seasonal raw materials from Austria ensures a perfect dough.

The baker’s fine touch

The dough is given loving care and attention, kneaded and shaped. The baker’s fine touch not only masters the cooking spoon, but also the oven – and so the loaves are popped into the stone oven at the right temperature.

That fragrant smell.

After about one hour of baking, the bread ventures into the fresh air again. Wonderful, this smell of fresh bread. A smell that touches the heart. And makes you hungry.

as a
recipe for success


The raw materials processed in the Unterberger Bakery in Maishofen are sourced exclusively from selected suppliers from the region. The AMA-seal of quality vouches for the honest promise to customers and the bread. As you call into the mixing bowl so it comes back – risen dough and happy faces are our best compliments!

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