The stars
on the shelf.

Be it popular classics, fresh novelties or sweet heroes – the shelves in the Unterberger Bakery branches and the cafés in Pinzgau bustle with our customers’ true favourites. The selected types of grain, the natural ingredients and the careful manufacturing of bread, croissants, etc. make the products a special taste adventure for the whole family. No matter if with butter and fresh herbs, or sweet with jam. Or just like that – au naturel and plain, just like the master baker created them. The bread is made using elaborate craftsmanship and with the dough rest an in-house natural sourdough from the oak barrel ensures better digestibility, a longer shelf life and a fuller taste. The ingredients for our bread, all of which is baked in the stone oven, come exclusively from the best companies in Austria. And the sourdough, poolishes, soakers, mash and scald are crafted in the bakery in Maishofen. True Pinzgau beauties, then!

Rye bread Rustico

Pure rye bread without yeast, baked twice and rustically torn. Strong crust and high proportion of rye sourdough not just for beefcakes. But certainly also. TR: 12 h

Unterberger loaf

With white rye flour, some wheat flour and without crust. That’s all we’ll reveal, because this is a top secret recipe from great-great-grandpa’s book from 1893. TR: 12 h

Spelt-carrot bread

Spelt bread without wheat flour. Extra: cooked spelt flour, poolish, cooked seeds, finely cut carrots from Austria. As tasty as healthy. TR: 36 h

Spelt whole-wheat bread

Spelt whole-wheat bread without wheat flour, instead with: cooked spelt whole wheat flour, cooked seeds and Pinzgau curd cheese in box shape. Very juicy, very long shelf life. TR: 24 h

Spelt toast

Soft, softer, spelt toast.

Our beloved spelt toast contains no wheat. The healthy alternative to industrial products. TR: 24h

Pretzel stick

Wheat flour comes upon poolish, is coiled by hand and baked in the stone oven. The result? A super elegant pretzel stick, which also has the tasty inner values. TR: 24 h

Hand roll

Wheat flour, durum wheat flour and poolish. Then: gentle caressing and the stone oven that does its bit – and before you know it the roll it lives up to its name. TR: 12 h

Butter croissant

It is not clear where the croissant originally comes from. So: keep nibbling and keep wondering! We roll it by hand and make it from wheat flour as well as butter, curd cheese and eggs from Pinzgau. TR: 24 h

Unterberger´s Country Baguette

We can do French too. Each one is hand-shaped and baked in a stone oven.

Perfect for a lively barbecue. TR: 24h.


We make a hero out of bread not just at the breakfast table. Any leftovers are made into GIN together with our beverage specialist Vinobile in the neighbouring township. Oh, so that what it looks like in heaven…

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