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And the Untes Café in Maria Alm also ensures Happy Faces with delicious breakfast variations. Here you will also find the home-made Smicey ice cream, delicious dishes (also for takeaway) and tasty cold and hot beverages. Both Untes Cafés have been awarded the AMA-seal of quality. We rely on high quality in all areas and very much look forward to treating our guests to lovingly created dishes, such as toasts from spelt sourdough, home-made pizza and charming cakes. Dough, buns and all things related, what comes out of the oven, naturally home-made!

Untes Logo
Untes Logo

High quality in all areas and sustainable ways of working and thinking characterise our concepts. And so we follow the motto as before – we waste nothing! Baked goods that are not all that fresh any more become breadcrumbs, which can be bought in our branches. Leftover sweets are given a renaissance in cakes and tartlets. And the remaining bread becomes a hero once more – together with the beverage specialist Vinobile from the neighbouring township, we have created the Unterberger Gin. And should something still be left over, the neighbouring farmer’s animals get to enjoy a rare banquet!

Opening hours

Monday: Closing day
Tuesday–Friday: 12:00–22:00 Uhr
Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: 12:00–22:00 Uhr

Phone: +43 6542 86822814

Untes Logo
Untes Logo

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